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Home station Lengerich (Westf.)

Diesel locomotive Köf 6642
Standard small loco - class II

The development of Type 2 small locomotives, with diesel motors and hydraulic drive (Köf) goes back to 1934. At that time the Deutsche Reichsbahn was endeavouring to cut down on the cost of shunting personnel, and a small loco could, after appropriate training, be operated by a shunter. Even the Second World War could not stop the construction of these locos, and they were to be found in almost all theatres of war. The post-war successors of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn Ost) also had a great need for such locos and between 1948 and 1965 altogether 736 were built. The last 3, with class numbers 321 to 324 finally retired from the Haltingen works in 1999. Our Köf 6642 was from an order for 100 such locos given by Deutsche Bahn to the Orenstein & Koppel (O&K) works in Dortmund on 12.01.1959. It was delivered to the Bundesbahndirektion Hamburg on 30.03.1960, with works number 26049. Its first home was at the Neumünster works. With the introduction of computer-readable numbering on 01.01.1968 the loco was renumbered 323 268-3, which lasted throughout its career on  DB until 31.12.1993, where it was last employed in the Trier works. Following decommissioning the loco went to Chemischen Fabriken Budenheim (part of the Dr. Oetker-Gruppe) where it appeared with bright blue frames, a white body shell, and the works number 1. Its job was to transfer goods wagons from Budenheim station to the works, and to serve the works sidings. He connecting line to DB was closed in Winter 2002, but the loco remained for internal traffic between two plants until Summer 2003. Then lorries took over this task, and we took over the loco. It arrived in Lengerich by special road vehicle provided by Spedition Kühler. The first task after arrival in Lengerich was overhaul of the motors. Missing and worn parts were replaced, and the running gear and brakes were inspected. Finally, at the beginning of 2004, everything was ready and the loco was passed fit for service. The repaint into red-purple body shell and black frames, and number Köf 6642, represents the condition in which it was delivered in 1960. Its future sphere of operations with us will be as works- and shunting loco at Lengerich-Hohne, as well as carrying out of stock transfers.

Köf 6642 in Lengerich-Hohne TWE


 Köf II

 Manufacturer  Orenstein & Koppel
 Fabrication N°  26049
 Year  1960
 Lenght over buffers  6.450 mm
 Total weight  17,0 t
 Power  150 PS
 Power transmission  Hydraulisch / Kette
 Kraftstoffvorrat  200 l
 Fuel supply  30 km/h
 Last company number  323 268-3
 Status  serviceable



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