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Home station Lengerich (Westf.)

Carriage 102 TWE (G10)
Covered goods wagon - verband-type

As a result of the goods wagon standardisation driven forward by the Staatsbahnwagonverband, the so-called ‘Verband-type’ came into being in 1910. From the outside the wagons resembled those of the Länder railways but were much more strongly built. As a result, their load capacity was raised from 15.75t to 17.5t. Owing to its exchange of traffic with the state railway, the Teutoburger Wald Eisenbahn was obliged to provide and procure a number of goods wagons of this type, and did so in 1913. Most were lost without trace in the upheavals of 2 world-wars. Nevertheless 102 TWE survived on its home line and served, first under the number G 502 and later G 124 (II), to carry breakdown equipment for the TWE’s workshops in Lengerich-Hohne.


After being taken out of service in 2001 we took over the vehicle for storage. Ideas for the future are for it to serve as a bicycle-carrier in the 'Teuto-Express'.



 Manufacturer  Nordd. Waggonfabrik Bremen
 Fabrication N°  unknown
 Year  1913
 Lenght over buffers   9.800 mm
 Total weight  10,6 t
 Load weight  15,0 t
 Brake type  Handbrake
 Max speed  65 km/h
 Status  not serviceable








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