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Carriage 105 221 Köln (Pw4üe-29)
4-axle bogie baggage express coach- type 1929

To complete the all-steel D-Zug coaches from 1928 to 1930 the German State Railway Company (DRG) developed this 4-axle luggage coach. Our 105 221 was built by Waggonfabrik AG, Gotha in 1929. Coaches from this year were slightly modified in comparison to those from 1928; in ours, the storage area received more lamps. The coach remained, with minor alterations, in service with DB until 1982. From that time it belonged to us and became part of our historic trains. Eisenbahn-Tradition completely restored the carriage to its original condition in 1994. Since then it has had high-mounted signal lamps and end ladders. The dog cabin, closed by DB, was re-opened and appropriate doors in the side provided. The coach serves as transport for the many bikes carried free in the Summer months.


Currently, the car is parked with expired main inspection. A new operational refurbishment is not planned in the foreseeable future.

 Type  Pw4üe-29
 Manufacturer  Waggonfabrik Gotha
 Year  1929
 Lenght over buffers  19.680 mm
 Total weight  39,4 t
 Brake type  Kk sbr
 Bogie type  Görlitz II heavy
 Max speed  140 km/h
 Status  not operational


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