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Home station Lengerich (Westf.)

Carriage 117 662 Münster (Pwi-31a)
2-axle standard baggage coach for secondary lines - light construction - type 1931

In 1929 the Deutsche Reichsbahn began developing more lightly-built carriages for branch lines. After 2 trial series, from 1931 onwards a total of 301 vehicles of type Pwi were built by various manufacturers. Our 117 662 Münster came from Vereinigte Westdeutsche Waggonfabrik AG in Mainz in 1933. This type of wagon saw service, eventually under the Deutsche Bundesbahn, until the mid-1970s. Our carriage was sold in 1977 to the Teutoburger Wald-Eisenbahn and ran as TWE 63 – including as part of the 'Teuto-Express'. In 1985 the carriage was sold on to the Eisenbahnfreunde Wetterau in Bad Nauheim. But by 1993 they no longer had a use for this kind of carriage and our group brought it back to Lengerich. Any work on it is unthinkable due to limited workshop capacity. We do, though, harbour the hope that we can make the vehicle fit to run again with the help of local financial support or though a Euregio project.


Since March 2007, the vehicle, which has been restored in an exemplary manner, has been back in our fleet and has been available for special trips ever since.

 Type  Pwi-31a
 Manufacturer  Westdeut. Waggonfab. Mainz
 Year  1933
 Lenght over buffers  12.600 mm
 Total weight  16,7 t
 Brake type  Kk G-P
 Max speed  90 km/h
 Status  Serviceable

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