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Carriage 16 372 Münster (C4üw-28/52)
4-axle bogie 3rd-class fast passenger coach - type 1928

Eisenbahn-Kurier presented us with this gift in November 2004, a representative of the standard fast passenger carriage of 1928 in its 3rd-class form. Together with our other fast passenger carriage 14 102 Hamburg and baggage coach 105 221 Köln we are now in a position to depict a short, fast, train. To restore of 16 372 requires extensive work on the bodywork as well as on the interior. Here again we shall have to put this on hold for a few years due to a shortage of capacity to handle the work.



 Type  C4üw-28/52
 Manufacturer  Westdeut. Waggonfab. Mainz
 Year  1930
 Modernization  1952
 Lenght over buffers  21.720 mm
 Total weight  48,0 t
 Brake type  Kk G-P-R
 Bogie type  Görlitz II schwer
 Seats  80 - 3rd class
 Max speed  140 km/h
 Status  Serviceable


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