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Carriage 202 228 (Glmhs50)
Covered goods wagon

This goods wagon shows the first new development of the Gl wagon put into production by DB. In 1950, the first wagons had classic wooden board sides but from1954 these were made of plywood. A total of about 12,000 such wagons were produced by 1958. By the early 1980s there were sufficient modern goods wagons available and wagon-load traffic was declining. Our 202 228 was sold to the Deutsche Reichsbahn in the DDR which at that time was suffering from a chronic shortage of goods wagons. Here it received the number DR 2150 140 2018-8.In 1992 the covered wagon 2150 140 2018-8 came, together with the steam loco 50 3655, direct to Lengerich from DR. It is worth noting that the wagon was sold from the ‘west’ to the ‘east’ and, when taken out of service, then came back to the west. In the Summer months we use the wagon to supplement out baggage coach (105 221 Köln) to carry bicycles free of charge. In the Winter it serves as temporary stores for the locomotive and workshop.



 Manufacturer  LHB - Braunschweig
 Fabrication N°  unknown
 Year  1956
 Lenght over buffers  12.500 mm
 Total weight  11,8 t
 Load weight  21,0 t
 Brake type  KE G-P
 Max speed  100 km/h
 Status  not serviceable



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