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Home station Lengerich (Westf.)

Carriage 228 903 (Gmhs45)
Covered conversion goods wagon of the Deutsche Bundesbahn

Similar to the passenger cars, many freight cars were outdated or in poor condition after the 2nd World War. Here, too, it became clear that it was more economical not only to renovate the old wagons, but also to adapt them to current needs. In this way (in addition to new purchases) between 1955 and about 1970, numerous older 2-axle decommissioned freight wagons were converted. Here they went 2 ways: For cars with still contemporary chassis (the 30s and 40s) only a new body was put on or the chassis was revised.

In the case of cars of earlier design, new wagons were built from old parts (e.g. carriers, axles, brake system, buffers ...). These wagons (which gradually used fewer and fewer old parts) corresponded to the newly established UIC standard type.

At the end of the 60s, only new G-cars were procured. However, since more wagons were needed in the short term as a result of an increasing economy, it was decided to subject existing cars of the war type "Bremen" to a simplified conversion, whereby only a short period of use was planned. From 1966 to 1970, about 3,600 wagons were converted.The undercarriage remained unchanged, but was equipped with a new car body, so that the wagons did not correspond to the UIC standard design. Thus, the car body received only simplified ventilation and loading hatches, in this way they were not suitable for the transport of perishable goods and animals. However, the wagons had 2.5m wide doors (normal: 2.0m), which made palletized goods particularly easy to transport. The wagons were equipped with synthetic resin panels and a modern steel roof.Until the mid-80s, the cars were retired, but due to their still good condition, they were often still used as railway service or station wagons.

We use this wagon mainly for free bicycle transport in the summer months. Our wagon was in Münster/Westf until the end. Hbf as a station car in use at the railway maintenance office.



 Manufacturer  DB, Aw Duisburg-Wedau
 Fabrication N°  unbekannt
 Year  1967
 Lenght over buffers  10.000 mm
 Total weight  9,9 t
 Load weight  21,0 t
 Brake type  Hik G-P
 Max speed  100 km/h
 Status  not serviceable







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