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Carriage 260 695 (Gmhs54)
Covered goods wagon

Similar to the passenger cars, many freight cars were outdated or in poor condition after the 2nd World War. Here, too, it became clear that it was more economical not only to refurbish the old wagons, but also to adapt them to current needs. In this way(in addition to new purchases), numerous older 2-axle closed freight wagons were converted between 1955 and about 1970.

The Gmhs54 wagons were built using undercarriages of wagons of the association type (G 10, years of construction 1910 to 1927). These were extended by 1.34 m and provided with a new drive. The wagon body was built as a contemporary new building. In this way, about 14,000 wagons were converted from 1955 to 1960, which were then used internationally. Even though the first wagons were retired in 1976, the last ones remained in the Deutsche Bahn fleet until 2002. Many cars were then converted as railwayservice cars and thus continued to be used, mostly in blue construction wagon paintwork.

Our car was also reused in this way.

Through Emscher Park Eisenbahn GmbH & Co. KG ( EPEG), the already restored wagon came into our inventory in 2013. An operational refurbishment is not provided. It is used to store spare parts.




 Manufacturer  DB, AW München-Freimann
 Fabrication N°  unknown
 Year  1956
 Lenght over buffers  11.140 mm
 Total weight  12,2 t
 Load weight  21,0 t
 Brake type  KE G-P
 Max speed  100 km/h
 Status  not serviceable








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