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Carriage 27 230 Münster (Bi-29)

2-axle standard gangwayed coach - 2nd-class - type 1929

The Bi-29 type was developed to supplement the 2-axle Standard Corridor coach (‘thunder-boxes’). However, to protect 2nd class passengers from draughts, an enclosed entrance replaced the open end platform. The company Gebr. Schöndorff AG in Düsseldorf built 27 230 in 1929, after which it ran in service until 1965 with Deutsche Bundesbahn. From then, for a further quarter of a century, it was then rebuilt to serve railway staff as living and sleeping accommodation. Windows were pan-elled over and welded up, seats removed and beds, cupboards and wash-basins installed. The exterior was painted blue. It was finally taken out of service in 1990.This carriage is typical of those in our historic train. In 1990 it was clear that the 4 wooden-bodied TWE carriages we had been using were, from a safety point of view, no longer fit for service on the line. So we took a decision to build up a train from steel-bodied stock. Carriage 27 230 escaped scrapping at Osnabrück in 1990 and we began its conversion into our beloved ‘Bistro-Café’. The interior was modelled on the (then) only 5-year old Bistro-café carriages found in Inter-Regio trains on DB. Outwardly the carriage it appears in its original form. Typical details are the end ladders and signal lamp holders at the ends and its designation as a 2nd class passenger coach of 1950, quite in keeping with the other stock.


In the years 2006-2009, the wagon was fundamentally refurbished with the help of the Friends of Teuto-Express. After extensive work on the chassis and car body with repainting, the work on the interior was almost equivalent to a new building. Since September 2009, the popular bistro car has once again been available to our passengers as the gastronomic centre of our train.



 Manufacturer  Gebr. Schöndorff AG, Düsseldorf
 Year  1929
 Lenght over buffers  14.040 mm
 Total weight  20,3 t
 Brake type  Kk G-P
 Max speed  90 km/h
 Status  Serviceable

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