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Carriage 27 479 Münster (Bi-29)

2-axle standard gangwayed coach - 2nd-class - type 1929

In terms of historical development, this carriage is identical to our carriage 27 230 Münster which houses our Bistro Café. And like its contemporary, from the mid-1970s 27 479 also ended its days on Deutsche Bundesbahn as a works vehicle. Coupled with other carriages of the same type it served as an Instruction vehicle in AW Opladen. The carriage was acquired in this condition by Historische Eisenbahn Oberhausen HEO) from the Deutschen Bundesbahn. Since the HEO had been looking for a long time for a baggage coach type Pwi-31a, of which we had 2 examples, we exchanged our carriage 117 352 for the type Bi-29 in 2000. Restoration work of this valuable 2nd-class vehicle is due to commence in Winter 2004. The carriage completely lacks any interior fittings so it will probably be 3 years until it is ready for service.



 Manufacturer  Gebr. Schöndorff AG, Düsseldorf
 Year  1929
 Lenght over buffers  14.040 mm
 Total weight  20,3 t
 Brake type  Kk G-P
 Seats  38 - 2nd class
 Max speed  90 km/h
 Status  Serviceable

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