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Carriage 580 113

3-chamber tank wagon


The tank wagon for flammable liquids was built in 1944 by Schrage in Hannover and delivered to Ölwerke Julius Schindler GmbH in Hamburg. The welded tank contains 3 chambers, each with its own trapdoor-covered dome and safety valve at the top.  The outlet valve has a covered handwheel. Beneath the foot of each chamber is an outlet valve, from which there is a pipe connection branches to each side of the wagon, each provided with a screw-on cap. From Ölwerke Julius Schindler the wagon moved to BPOil Deutschland GmbH. In 1993 the wagon, then bearing the service number 2380 708 4211-3 P was no longer needed and we received it as a present. After a thorough overhaul in 1996 it now runs in historic goods trains. Now that we use steam loco 24 009 we shall put it to use as a water tanker, which will greatly increase the range of the loco. Tankers in passenger trains have a model in real life, for example the ‘Moha’ dairy in Frankfurt am Main ran milk wagons with passenger trains on branch lines to get milk to their dairy. Milk tankers were also run with fast passenger trains, but this all came to an end in 1968.

Manufacturer: ............... Schrage, Hannover  
Year: ............................. 1944
Lenght over buffers: ... 8.800 mm
Total weight: ................ 14,3 t
Maximum speed: ........ 90km/h


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