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Carriage 82 948 Berlin (Cid-27)

2-axle standard gangwayed coach - 4th-class (from 1928 3rd-class), type 1927

Until 30.09.1928 the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG) had 4 classes; 1st, 2nd and 3rd were allocated to long-distance trains, while 2nd, 3rd and 4th were found on local services. On Prussian railways (KPEV), 4th class travel meant standing, while on DRG simple wooden benches were provided. After 1928, when 4th-class was upgraded to 3rd, the benches remained. 3rd-class was finally abolished by Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn Ost in 1956 and some 4th-class carriages were reincarnated as 2nd-class. We acquired 82948 from the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) in 1995, where it had been waiting to be scrapped in Brandenburg-Havel. After being taken out of passenger traffic by DR, the carriage served as living- and sleeping quarters for track workers in the Leipzig area. This change of use had lead to considerable rebuilding, including repositioning of the windows. Restoration has been generously supported by the „Freundeskreis Teuto-Express“ (Friends of the Teuto-Express) and has taken 4 years. This is in no small part due to having to undo a lot of previous conversion work in order to restore the carriage to its original condition, including extensive re-panelling of the sides. From the original fittings were only fragments of the end- and compartment walls were present. We completely rebuilt from new the passenger saloon and seating according to original drawings. We wanted to present the carriage in its 1927 ex-works condition. The interior and slatted ash seating were varnished. Posters from the railway mission, historic maps and enamel signs complete the Art Deco ambience. The carriage has been part of the ‘Teuto-Express’ since 08.05.2004, showing today’s passengers just how ‘simple’ carriages were in the past.


From early summer 2020 to autumn 2021, the car was thoroughly overhauled once again. In numerous working hours, the rivets on the car body were reconstructed and new entry steps were manufactured and assembled. Likewise received a complete repainting. Since the St. Nicholas rides in winter 2020, it has been part of our train again.


 Di-27 (from 1928 Cid-27)

 Manufacturer  Linke-Hoffmann-Werke, Breslau
 Fabrication N°  unknown
 Year  1927
 Lenght over buffers  13.920 mm
 Total weight  20,0 t
 Brake type  Kk pbr
 Seats  80 - 4rd class
 Max speed  90 km/h
 Status  Serviceable

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