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Carriage 83 751 Essen (Citr-28/37)
2-axle standard gangwayed coach- 3rd-class - type 1928

Carriage 83 751 belongs to the ‘Thunder box’ family, with open gangways. Most of these coaches fell out of use in the mid-1960s. The last scheduled passenger-carrying trip with ‘Thunder boxes’ on Deutsche Bundesbahn was in September 1976 behind a Class V 60 diesel loco through the Bavarian Forest. Our 83 751 was taken out of service in the 1960s and rebuilt as a living- and workshop accommodation. When finally retired in 1991 it was to be scrapped but instead found itself in Eisenbahn-Tradition’s fleet. Restoration started in Winter 1995. As the Teuto-Express is very popular with families, prams and pushchairs have to be carried. Thus we decided to construct a bulky-goods compartment in the coach. Fortunately, we had a 1937 drawing from the Reichsbahn works in Eberwalde and this gave us the pattern. In the smoking section, seating is only arranged around the end- and side walls. In the middle is an open area for bulky goods; in former times this was used for farmers to take goods to market in the next town. Arising from air-raid precautions in the Second World War, the sides of the coach received a white stripe, enabling them to be better identified on the darkened station platforms. This identification was retained by Deutsche Bundesbahn. In our train the carriage sought-out by young families who enjoy travelling back in time while dealing with their modern necessities.



 Manufacturer  Gebrüder Schöndorff, Düsseldorf
 Fabrication N°  unknown
 Year  1928
 Conversion  1937
 Lenght over buffers  13.920 mm
 Total weight  20,8 t
 Brake type  Kk pbr
 Seats  44 - 3rd class
 Max speed  90 km/h
 Status  Serviceable

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