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Carriage 85 025 Münster (Ciw-28/52)
2-axle standard gangwayed coach- 3rd-class - type 1928

Like the 83 751 Essen, this car belongs to the "Donnerbüchsen" type and was the last car of the Type Ci-28 to be delivered to the Deutsche Reichsbahn. It was also converted into a constructiontrain car in the sixties and served as a workshop car at the Gleisbauhof Opladen. Since its acquisition from the Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1991 until 2007, it has served as a much-needed storage space for our spare parts.We have now decided to restore the car. In order to complete the demolition of the variants of the Ci-28 type, we will rebuild the car in the modernization variant of the Deutsche Bundesbahn from 1952. At that time, components from the parallel conversion car program (B3yg and B4yg) were used for the modernization of the cars. The original half-compartment layout was omitted in favor of two large rooms in which seats with division 3 + 2 as well as luggage racks from the B3yg program were used. Following the taste of the time, the interiors from the floor to the window balustrade were given a brown leather covering and in the upper area up to the roof rounding a light beige artificial leather covering. The window frames and the few remaining trim strips were made of clear lacquered limba wood. An toiletcompartment was omitted to install a oven for the wagon's own heating. These modernized "Donnerbüchsen" were the last Ci-28 cars to be in service with the Deutsche Bundesbahn in the Upper Palatinate until 1973.

The restoration is planned in two steps, initially the original car body and the interior division by the Brücke e.V. in Blankenburg (Harz) are to be restored in an ABM measure. The wagon body will then return to Lengerich and our wagon team will carry out the final fittings in our wagon workshop. The two pictures of identical cars of another museum railway should give you an impression of the planned final condition of the car.



 Manufacturer  Waggonfabrik AG, Rastatt
 Year  1929
 Conversion  1952
 Lenght over buffers  13.920 mm
 Total weight  20,8 t
 Brake type  Kk G-P
 Seats  56 - 3rd class
 Max speed  90 km/h
 Status  in refurbishment

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