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Carriage 899 911 (Omms71)
open goods wagon

In connection with the reconstruction programmes common in the DDR, which in reality often meant new build with only a few parts of the cannibalised wagons being reused, this open goods wagon gave new life to an old wagon in 1971. It was delivered from the Dresden works of Deutsche Reichsbahn bearing the number DR 2150 555 3327-1 and taken into goods wagon stock. Following the political upheaval in 1989 goods traffic increasingly transferred to road and many factories ceased production, thus this wagon became superfluous to DR requirements. We acquired the wagon, together with the covered wagon 202 228 and steam loco 50 3655, in 1992. It is used as a firewood store and in goods train photo charters.


Currently (8/2020) the car is waiting for a new main inspection.



 Manufacturer  DR, RAW Dresden
 Fabrication N  12677
 Year  1971
 Lenght over buffers  10.500 mm
 Total weight  11,4 t
 Load weight  27,5 t
 Brake type  KE G-P
 Max speed  100 km/h
 Last company number  2150 555 3327-1 (DR)
 Status  not serviceable


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