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Carriage 98 026 Hannover (Ci-25)
2-axle standard gangwayed coach for secondary lines - 3rd-class - type 1929

Our 98 026 was built by Waggon- und Maschinenbau AG Görlitz in 1929. It was delivered to the Kleinbahn Freienwalde-Zehden (KFZ) in 1930 as a 3rd-class passenger coach. From drawings of the class Ci-25, the construction of the class follows the pattern of 2-axle gangwayed carriages for secondary lines of the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG). Nevertheless certain components, for example the windows, were built according to the production rules of 1929. The heating departed from Reichsbahn practice by using circulating water heated by a separate boiler. To accommodate this, the 3 sets of seats opposite the toilet were dispensed with and in their place stood the boiler. Similarly, lighting was not provided by an on-board generator but by a supply from the baggage coach, a common practice on the KFZ. Also noticeable are the Flettner ventilators and the roof-mounted water tank. Remember, too, that this 3rd-class coach had a flushing toilet and a hand-basin with running water – something you would not find in similar carriages on the DRG. Scheduled use of the coach came to an end on 25 May 1968. After passenger travel ceased, the carriage was robbed of its heating equipment and the non-smoking- compartment was stripped of its interior fittings. The coach became a baggage and service vehicle on the KWD and was bought in Summer 1980 by the Dampfeisenbahn Weserbergland e.V. (DEW) in Rinteln. In Rinteln seating was returned to the non-smoking compartment, although unfortunately this was not in the original style. Windows were replaced, the water tank removed and the wooden roof replaced by a new canopy. In this ‘preserved’ condition the DEW ran the coach, now numbered 25, on its line from Rinteln to Stadthagen from 1982 to 2000. As a result of revision of its needs, the DEW put the carriage up for sale early in 2001 and was bought by Eisenbahn-Tradition e.V. on 29 June that year. After overhaul of the bodywork and running gear during Autumn 2001 and Winter 2002, the carriage first ran in the Teuto-Express on Ascension Day 2002 between Bielefeld and Halle (Westf.). Before the following Winter season, the hot-water heating was reinstalled and the smoking compartment revarnished. For Summer 2004 the non-smoking compartment is to get its original wooden seats and half-height compartment dividing walls. Further restoration work will continue with the toilet and the fitting of the water tank on the roof.



 Manufacturer  WUMAG Görlitz
 Year  1929
 Lenght over buffers  12.300 mm
 Total weight  16,0 t
 Brake type  Kbr
 Seats  48 - 3rd class
 Max speed  90 km/h
 Status  Serviceable



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