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Carriage 98 290 Münster (BPw4yge-56b)
Gangwayed 4-axle bogie rebuilt coach - 2nd-class with seating and luggage areas

Arising from a design in 1955, the Neuaubing works built the carriage in 1959 from parts of older ex-Länderbahnen carriage frames, reconstructed to standard length, to which was added a new, welded, body. The rebuilt carriage is one of a 4-axle type with seating and luggage compartments made by many DB works. They were initially designed for and ran in regional and local trains but were superseded from 1965 by the 26.4 m- long ‘Silberlinge’ type. The rebuilt carriages then found themselves in commuter trains. The last of its type in Münster (Westf.), it was only in 1993 that DB took the carriage out of service from where we saved it from scrapping. A firm of wagon builders undertook the main overhaul in 2004. The bodywork was sandblasted, any corrosion repaired, and a new coat of paint applied. Today the carriage looks just as it did when first delivered. Today disco equipment, a bar and small kitchen has been installed and the luggage section is a rolling dance floor. As a centre-point of the train on charter trips, it is very popular! On ‘normal’ journeys, the wide, folding, doors enable the ‘Teuto-Express’ to carry wheelchair-bound passengers.


On the occasion of the due main inspection in 2004, by a certified wagon construction company, the car body was completely sandblasted, the corrosion damage was eliminated and a repainting was carried out. Now the wagon presents itself externally approximately to its delivery condition.



 Manufacturer  DB, AW Neuaubing
 Year  1959
 Lenght over buffers  19.460 mm
 Total weight  30,3 t
 Brake type  KE G-P
 Bogie type  American
 Seats  36 - 3rd class
 Max speed  120 km/h
 Status  Serviceable

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