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Home station Lengerich (Westf.)

Fire-less steam locomotive 'Blitz'

A piece of Lengerich's industrial history

Industries which had their own source of steam used this to employ ‘fire-less’ steam locomotives for their works- and transfer use. This was the case in the wire-rope makers ‘Gempt’ in the middle of Lengerich. The connecting line left the TWE near the Lengerich-Stadt station and ended at a turntable in the works, to which the loading siding was connected. Vitally important during the war, the works were provided with the fire-less locomotive ‘Blitz’ in 1917, which carried out transfer work between the works and the TWE. When, in 1964, the firm gave up using steam the locomotive was put up for sale. The locomotive had previously been overhauled in the TWE’s main works in Lengerich and duly got its ‘For Sale’ coat of paint. But there were no buyers, and the loco lay forgotten in an unused workshop. The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was not disturbed until the end of 1996 and redevelopment of the in the middle of Lengerich including the Gempt site. The town entrusted the locomotive into our care as a permanent loan and by Summer 1997 we had restored her outward appearance. On open days we are pleased to display this piece of Lengerich’s industrial history to the public. However, due to missing boiler documentation, we are unable to put her into service. A cultural centre rose on the ‘Gempt’ site and it was originally planned to put ‘Blitz’ on open-air display there. But these plans were reviewed and today a Blitz-like sculpture stands on the spot. The valuable original remains under our protection.





 Type  Fire-less steam locomotive
 Manufacturer  Henschel & Sohn, Cassel
 Fabrication N°  15171
 Year  1917
 Lenght over buffers  6.900 mm
 Total weight  19,0 t
 Power  100 PSi
 Boiler pressure  13 kp/cm²
 Driving-wheel diameter  800 mm
 Max speed  30 km/h
 Status  optically refurbished


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