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Diesel locomotive V 36 412
Development of an armed forces loco

The armed forces loco type WR 360 C 14 (V36.0) was modified by Maschinenbau AG Kiel, in Kiel-Friedrichsort, which delivered 18 of them (V 36 401 to V 36 418) to Deutsche Bahn in 1950. Compared to their pre-war predecessors the newcomers had an improved hydraulic transmission (Type L37) as well as greater fuel and air storage capacity. The latter required a greater wheelbase (4.4m) and overall length of 9.249mm. In view of the permanent loco shortage, including for passenger trains on secondary lines, several of these locos were rebuilt with single-man operation and equipped with a simple whistle system for push-pull working. Our V 36 412 left the shops of MaK on 18.07.1950, and after acceptance was put into service by Deutsche Bundesbahn in Nürnberg marshalling yard. Eisenbahn-Tradition e.V. took over the loco on 16.12.2002, delivered by road from its previous location (Duisburg-Rheinhausen) to Lengerich. Thus at the end of 2002 we began to dismantle the loco in order to make it fit for service. Included in this was a thorough inspection of the running gear, the hydraulic transmission, and the motors. This was more difficult than we had expected, added to which the acquisition of spare parts for the transmission from Voith was no longer possible from stock and they had to be specially made. This was not allowed to upset the regular production of the company, so we had to accept a delivery time of over 1 year. This also meant having to revise our plans for the planned reinstatement into service in late-summer 2003. As soon as the parts are delivered we can begin the re-assembly of the loco, since the other parts are already been ready. We plan to use the restored V 36 412 for special excursions and charters, stock transfers. It will also strengthen our loco capacity and be a reserve machine for the steam locos. When running with our 2-axle carriages, it will be typical of passenger trains which once ran in the 1950s over many lines in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

 Type  V 36.4
 Manufacturer  Maschinenbau Kiel AG (MaK)
 Fabrication N°  360021
 Year  1950
 Lenght over buffers  9.249 mm
 Total weight  42,0 t
 Power  360 PS
 Power transmission  Hydraulic
 Fuel supply  700 l
 Max speed  60 km/h
 Last company number  236 412-3
 Status  Serviceable


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